Our team of experts

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  • Our team is headed by the two partners in TexteM, Maria Szpor and Anna Konieczna-Purchała.
    • Maria Szpor is experienced translator and interpreter of German and Russian, with thorough linguistic and legal education. She is the head of the School of German Law at the University of Warsaw.
    • Anna Konieczna–Purchała PhD is a lawyer and a linguist by education, a sworn translator, and author of bestselling books on legal translation. She is both a translator and a teacher of translation.
  • We only work with professionals whose knowledge and skills we have tested and in whose professional abilities we have full confidence.
  • Many translators and interpreters on our team are also professionally trained lawyers and economists.
  • We cooperate with renowned top-class experts, many of whom are also teachers at our School for Translators.
  • All the members of our team continue honing their professional skills via the training options at our School for Translators.